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Creative at Heart Round 9: WinMock at Kinderton | Conference & Event Floral Design

WinMock at Kinderton

Creative at Heart is a 3-day conference for creative small business owners. Aleen Floral Design had the honor of designing for Round 9 of the conference; it was a dream come true for our team. Designing for a corporate event or conference requires a different thought process than a wedding. It offers us a fun challenge and a change of pace from our usual wedding circuit. With longevity and impact on the forefront, we get to stretch our creative muscles and produce some stunning designs.

WinMock at Kinderton in Winston-Salem, NC graciously hosts the Creative at Heart for the second year in a row. It is no wonder C@H chose WinMock once more as their staff is superb at making all feel welcome. With an audience of mostly-female creatives, producing a welcoming and impactful aesthetic is high on the list for Creative at Heart. Founder Kat Schmoyer requested that we enhance the living room vignettes rented from Paisley & Jade with lush flower arrangements to achieve this goal. We were also tasked with creating 19 centerpieces housed in an open-air tent, and doing a full stage design.

Designing the Creative at Heart Stage

As you can see from the images, the conferences attendees sit fairly far from the stage. Thus, we needed to create a stage design that was visually impactful from a distance. So we chose to use bold solid color to our advantage. Rather than create arrangements composed of a variety of colors in one vase, we create impact by filling vases with one flower type per vessel. This not only increases impact, but it also lends to a modern, clean-line style.

We also took into consideration the event content, so that the stage items would serve to enhance the speakers’ presentations—not distract from them. In order to get this right, we confirm the size of the screen, what furniture would be present, and where the speakers would be walking and standing. This is all vital information we take into account when planning for a conference or corporate event. The result is a bright, clean stage that appealed to the audience and gave the event an instantly welcoming feel.

Centerpieces Designed for Conversation

When planning the centerpieces, we want to make sure our design enhances the attendees’ experience, making them feel comfortable throughout the weekend. The open-air tent shades lunch gatherings, a pajama party, and several break-out sessions. These are times for conversations to flow and new friendships to blossom. Because of this—and considering three days of heat—we create two understated low centerpiece styles. Just like we’d hoped, they bring cheer to the tables without obstructing conversation.

Fresh flowers and vibrant greens fulfill their mission well at Creative at Heart Round 9. They last with fresh faces through three days of North Carolina heat, welcome guests with elegance, and bring colorful impact to the stage.  

Virginia Corporate Floral Designer

Creative at Heart is a meaningful event to be a part of. As much as we thrive on designing weddings, we also thoroughly enjoy the creative opportunity that comes with designing for corporate events and conferences. If you are planning a conference or event, Aleen Floral Design would be delighted to bring your vision to life.


Floral Designer: Aleen Floral Design |Host: Creative at Heart Conference | Photographer: Bethanne Arthur Photography | Rentals: Paisley & Jade | Venue: WinMock at Kinderton

assorted flowers in small vases on a blue tray
a vintage couch and chairs arranged outside
woman arranging flowers in small vases
folded pink shirts displayed on a wooden table
framed sign sitting on a table
elegant table settings under an open-air tent
vibrant pink and yellow flowers displayed on a wooden table
vintage couch and chair displayed outdoors
photobooth sign
conference tables and chairs arranged for Creative at Heart
vibrant pink and yellow flowers arranged in a gold vase
bright floral arrangement sitting atop a table next to a pink armchair
Creative at Heart stage set with florals and a pink armchair
trees and floral arrangements on a stage at Creative at Heart
woman sitting on pink chair on stage
bright green plants arranged in vases on stage
woman in striped dress standing on stage
conference tables and chairs in a brightly lit room
bright floral arrangements on a table
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