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Business Floral Arrangements



We use flowers to bring your brand’s story into the space, creating an experience so guests and clients leave feeling inspired. Our team at Aleen Floral Design will work with you to learn the goal of your event and how to visually represent it. From where the speakers will walk on stage to details of showcases that will be displayed, we bring our eye to detail for our floral arrangements and event engagements.

Business Floral Arrangements

The Floral Dispatch Subscription


A great client gift option for realtors, financial advisors, and businesses that want to wow their clients. Sign up for a subscription, send us your client names, and we will deliver an artisan bouquet to your clients*

*subject to our delivery zones

Florist fixing flower arrangement

Office & Storefront Arrangements


Bring life and fresh air to your business office or storefront. We will come to evaluate the space, make plant/decor recommendations, and install the plants in your shop or office space. Perfect for Dr. Offices, Realtors, any business space.

Event Floral Arrangements

Stage Design


We enjoy creating a visual impact that enhances the purpose of your event while bringing beauty to your guests. Taking into consideration the dimensions and use of the stage is key: screen size, podium placement, movement of speakers and how far attendees will be seated from the stage.



Floral arrangements can put attendees at ease and allow them to enjoy the event more, this is important when considering centerpiece design. Discussing the location of gathering tables, length of the event, and whether you’d like guests to take flower arrangements home all come into play in planning the style of your centerpieces. We offer vessels, candles and table numbers for rent or purchase.

Decorative entries & public spaces


There is nothing quite like being greeted by a collection of lanterns, potted plants, blooming flowers, and a welcome sign on the porch of a friend’s home. We seek to create this feeling of belonging through “front porch vignettes,” lounge seating areas, check-in tables and entry ways.


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