Aleen Floral Design About the Company

A family-operated small business, Aleen Floral Design delights in bringing innovative style, classic beauty, and stylish artistry to clients’ weddings and special events. The growth we have enjoyed over the past ten years is largely due to the talents and contributions of our design team as well as client recommendations. The camaraderie we share in the studio keeps our creative energy flowing; there are times when the laughter becomes side-splitting. 

Meet the team below...



Karen Roa


Being a western girl at heart, bright sunny days, fresh fruits & veggies, along with ample outdoor activities keep me going. When I’m not in the design studio, you’ll find me hunting down tasty gluten free recipes (yes, they do exist), working up to some yoga pose, digging in the garden, serving in my local church, or chatting it up with friends over hot tea! 

Aleen Floral Design encompasses so many of my favorite aspects of life: building relationships, helping people, creating beauty, and organizing. I thoroughly enjoy meeting each new client and working to make their wedding or event come alive.

Meet the Team

Jan Roa

Studio Manager

Jan is not only my right-hand woman in the studio, she is my mom - encourager and nutrition monitor. Her interior design background positions her as our team lead when it comes to staging a space and creating small accent arrangements for just the right touch. Outside of the studio, Jan can be found cultivating beautiful gardens with her husband of 43 years, re-finishing furniture, pouring wisdom into the next generation, or designing special gifts for friends and family.

Michele Agett

Associate Designer

Truly a down to earth country gal from rural NY, Michele brings laughter wherever she goes. Her positive outlook, willing to try anything approach, and natural design ability contribute greatly to each Aleen Floral Design event. She came to us from owning a furniture store with her husband…..and we are forever grateful! Michele is in her element when loving on her grand-babies, laughing with her husband and kids, serving in her church, and creating beautiful spaces.

Ramona Mortier

Assistant Designer

Romana brings her extensive travel and diverse cultural experiences with her in the form of quick whit. Originally hailing from Oregon (that’s Or ee gun!), she has also called the wilds of Alaska and alps of Germany home before settling in Virginia. When she isn’t making us roll with laughter, you’ll find Ramona sewing for her grand-girls, decorating her home, or hosting friends and family. Ramona’s ability to put anyone at ease and make them feel welcome is a great asset to the Aleen Floral Design Team.

Morgan Loehr

ASsistant Designer

From the moment Morgan stepped into the studio as a William & Mary Art student, her eye for details, symmetry, and color composition made an impression. Watching her develop as an artist over the past four years and grow into opening her own pottery business (Thimbleberry Pottery) has been a great joy. She joins us on large events creating grand scale pieces while laughing quietly at our often lively banter. Enjoying music, obsessing over animals, and forming new pottery pieces keeps her occupied outside of work.

Danielle Sears

Assistant Designer

Although originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Danielle has lived in various countries giving her a wider view and appreciation for various floral design styles. She is always ready to jump into try new designs, but her heart continually returns to the details of boutonniere and corsage design. When she is not contributing to the off-the-cuff humor, witty remarks, and all out teasing at our studio, she can be found gardening, traveling, creating a beautiful home, and cooking for her family.