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A Seed Planted: The Start of Aleen Floral Design

Aleen Floral Design | Meredith Ryncarz Photography

A Seed Planted

The seed that would later grow to become Aleen Floral Design was planted the summer of 2000.  As an impressionable teen working for my aunt in her San Diego-based floral design studio, I fell in love with the artistry, organization and relationships involved in the floral design world.

The seed lay dormant, waiting for the right time to sprout while college classes, building life-long friendships, and landing a job occupied my attention.  Early 2006 found me restless in an unfulfilling job that lacked challenge.  The thought of life being too short to spend the majority of it in a dissatisfying occupation cycled through my mind. But what else could I pursue?  I was never one with large career ambitions.

Growth Begins

Recalling how much I enjoyed the summer spent with my aunt in the land of flowers sent me on a dreaming trail.  The seed started sprouting.  What if I took design classes?  Could I get into a creative field?  Although I owned a house at the time, had little savings to my name, student loans hanging over my head, and no clear career vision, I took the plunge into the unknown.  As my wise dad pointed out, when else would I be this unattached and free to explore possibilities?

So with a packed bag and pounding heart I headed to Denver for a summer that would change the trajectory of my life.  I innocently entered class with two motivations: first to take a breather from life to ponder what kind of occupation to pursue next and second to learn a practical skill that could be used as a means of income while raising a family later in life (more on this in a later post).  With that in mind, I was completely taken by surprise by how the daily design time awakened my heart.  Design ideas danced in my mind constantly; colors & textures at play in unique containers.  I loved every moment & felt more alive than I ever had.

Leaves Emerge

Returning home after such an enlightening summer of personal growth was challenging.  Using this new skill and beloved outlet of creativity for supplemental income in future family life was firmly planted in my mind.  So when a prior co-worker requested I design for her wedding, I was thrilled!  With more requests coming in through word of mouth over the course of 2007, a business license and a name were needed. The seed started sprouting leaves…

The original seed of being in the floral design industry was planted amid a summer surrounded with dear family, so it was only fitting to select a name honoring my grandmother, IrmALEEN.  Her zest for life, love of color, and genuine care for people embody much of what Aleen Floral Design has become.  

A Bud Forms

Although Aleen Floral Design became an official business in 2007 (Happy Anniversary to us!!!), it was still just a bud barely showing color and in need of some careful pruning and cultivation.  The next ten years would offer these necessary ingredients….

Meredith Ryncarz Photography


Photography | Meredith Ryncarz Photography




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