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A Floral Design Budget: Making the Most of your Flowers

Let’s talk budgets.  Every couple planning a wedding has a budget, it may be $15,000, $50,000 or $75,000 plus.  In whatever range your budget falls, there are ways to plan your floral design decor for a positive impact both aesthetically and economically.  As we talk through these tips, keep in mind that the average wedding allocates 12-15% of the total budget to floral design.

Define Your Priority

The best way to plan for a memorable aesthetic while keeping to your budget is to have a give and take mind set.  Rather than spreading your flower budget equally over every aspect of your wedding, which may create a mediocre look, prioritize a few significant areas. For example, if beautiful outdoor images are important to you, allocate a bit more to a fabulous ceremony backdrop and then opt for simpler centerpieces.

The bride shown above had dreamt of being married under a lush garden arch, but they had a specific budget to keep. So although they would have liked full lush flower arrangements on every guest table, they opted for modest centerpieces in order to leverage their budget towards making her dream come true.  Their tables were still beautiful and reflective of their wedding as a whole AND she now has gorgeous images of her dream come true.

Re-purpose Bouquets

In order to effectively adorn reception tables with bridesmaid bouquets, two considerations must be taken into account: your photography timeline and the longevity of the bouquet flowers.  If the majority of your pictures are taken prior to the ceremony, then the bridesmaid bouquets can easily be placed in awaiting vases on guest tables during cocktail hour before the reception doors open. The hardiness of the flowers given the season of your wedding must also be considered.  For instance, hydrangea bouquets (as shown above) were able to double as centerpieces due to the cool May weather, all photography was take prior to the ceremony, and the event planner ensured the bouquets stayed hydrated for their second debut.  For a hot summer wedding bouquets of roses, stock, lisianthus, or protea would be feasible options.

Mix it Up & Multi-Use

Displaying a variety of centerpiece styles not only gives dimension to a room, it aids your budget as well.  Large tall arrangements are striking in a high ceiling ball room, but to fill every table with such grandeur eats a budget quickly.  Consider having a mix of two or three centerpiece styles that range in height and fullness.  Using candles and greenery, for instance, on half the tables can offset the cost of placing tall lush arrangements on the other half, which also gives interest to the space. 

If designed with the flow of your wedding in mind, ceremony decor can also serve as centerpieces and vise a versa.  Vases of hanging flowers from the aisle can transition to the guest tables during cocktail hour.  Or they can be helpful when a last minute rain plan must come together, as was the case for Harrison and Katherine.  Low full compotes gracefully transitioned to frame the alter area while the second centerpiece design lined their aisle.  Their unexpected indoor ceremony came together beautiful thanks to a bit of imagination and the presence of multiple centerpiece styles.


Image One | Photography:  Megan Vaughan Photography | Venue: The Williamsburg Winery | Floral Design: Aleen Floral Design
Image Two, Three, and Four |Photography: Elizabeth Friske Photography | Venue: Two Rivers Country Club | Wedding Planning: Wedding Co. of Williamsburg | Floral Design: Aleen Floral Design



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